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Executive Career Coaching

Many professionals invest their time in developing others and often neglect their own career needs. At Essenz investing in self is an investment for a more fulfilled career and happier life. Some of the areas my clients have benefited from include:

  • Articulating your ‘Why?’ – Building a strong value proposition
  • Building an impactful LinkedIn profile, commercially savvy resume and cover letter
  • Interview coaching to increase confidence and performance
  • Understanding the power of a good network and how to use it
  • Developing a strategic career plan
  • How to develop a clear on-boarding plan with your new employer

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Executive career coach Sydney
Leadership and wellbeing guidance Sydney

Leadership and Wellbeing

In our changing world of work being an effective, authentic and agile leader is even more crucial to business and personal success than ever before. As a leader knowing how to leverage from your strengths as well as understanding what it is you need from your work environment will also determine how you manage your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your people. As a leader I can help you to:

  • Understand your strengths and needs to identify your leadership style
  • Manage your inner critic to unlock your authentic self
  • Develop and maintain a greater sense of wellbeing
  • How to build and sustain presence as a leader

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Managing Change and Building Resilience

Have you come to a cross roads where you know something has to change but you are not sure what that ‘something’ is or where to start? Or, you may know what it is you want and need some help to make your plan come alive? Whether it is professional or personal change letting go of the old and wanting something new can be quite exciting despite the fear and uncertainty. I have helped clients to explore their sense of possibility in a safe and encouraging space so as they can build a plan to realise what it is they want to achieve.

Some areas that my clients have benefited from are:

  • How to re-story the new self from experiencing immense change whether it is a major career shift or personal change
  • How to be compassionate to self by developing coping mechanisms when faced with change
  • Understanding what resilience is and how to leverage from your own resources to support yourself through change
  • Developing a roadmap of ‘next- steps’ to work towards what it is you really want in life and your career

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Change management and building resilience Sydney

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